WoWZealot - Cataclysm Blizzlike and 255 WOTLK PvP Fun


WoWZealot is a 4.3.4 WoW Private Server aiming for a true blizzlike experience with 1x rates on the realm.

Cataclysm Private Server striving for a complete experience in our 4.3.4 realm.

or those who want a bit more details about the current status of Vashj’ir on WoWZealot (Cataclysm):

WoWZealot will be having Vashj’ir open and playable at launch. Currently we have over one hundred quests working in Vashj’ir (No auto-completes), and still progressing.

We – at WoWZealot – simply have the intention to provide a fresh 4.3.4 Cataclysm Server that delivers a good experience. Sure, we still have a lot to do, no doubt, but our motivation and activity are what makes the difference.

We always want to know how to improve, so feel free to even send me a PM (if you want to help), with the things that made you say the project is shit, We can take it – for the better.

WoWZealot is also now consisted of a WOTLK 225 Fun PvP Realm

which is based on a lot of custom content like  Custom races(Worgen, Tuskarr, Taunka, Naga, Goblin, Felorc, Pandaren, Forest Troll), Legion artifact-weapons, legion druid forms, legion mounts, tier 11->tier 18 armor sets +pvp sets and the list goes on.

6 custom raids, 1 custom solo instance, refund system for donor items, cross faction bg, 1vs1 arena, VP/h system and the list goes on.

For more, you have to join us at

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