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We are proud to announce the next Tier 23 raid, Ulduar. It will contain 5 Wings, all released in succession, with the last wing containing the final boss in wow private server. Each wing contains either 3 or 4 bosses. The first wing to be released contains 4 bosses. It is a fully custom raid, with new bosses and different type of encounters.
The actual content information about the mechanics and others will be posted on the day of the release. Magni Bronzebeard, now The Guardian of Ulduar, with help from the Kirin Tor, are the shield of Ulduar, a sanctuary for the High Elemental Celestials. They are kept out of the evil hands of the Old Gods, the servants of the higher Void Gods, as they are the elements of Azeroth’s life the best wow private servers.
 With the army ready, Jaina is rushing towards the Celestials to unleash them from the Old God’s bonds and cleanse Ulduar from the evil presence. When Magni is reached, with the help from a priest member of the Cult of Forgotten Shadow, penetrated into his mind to defeat the larva from the source. The larva is removed from his mind, and is trapped into the former prison of Yogg-Saron.
The prison bursts in an instance, with the larva showing its true form, it being Yogg-Saron itself. Once Yogg-Saron is defeated, the Void God’s wrath isn’t over yet, but more to be addressed in the future of the best wow private servers.
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The Great Midsummer Event is here!
Midsummer event.jpg
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The Great Midsummer Event is here!


The Fire Elementals have started a full invasion! Our deepest fears have come true! They are infiltrating nearly every part of our world. Who is going to save us from this combustion?

The weird activity in Wayfarer’s Rest has come to its peak with the coming of the Mid Summer. What is going on there? Will we have to fight 2 enemies at one time?

Updates from 2018:

The event is held in 2 phases, 2nd phase starts on 30.07 at 20:00 Server Time.
Pulsating Fire Essence is obtained same way as was Devastated Core. But its drop chances have been increased.
The drop rate of Fire Essence has been also increased.
The respawn timers of world NPCs and chests was reduced.
Open world NPCs and the raid boss have been scaled up to provide some challenge.

2018 event item – Core of the Wind – has received adjustments for balancing purposes.

PvP Aspect:

In order to promote the new PvP balance and promote those activities, current Midsummer also has a big part in PvP scene:

In the middle of Gurubashi arena there is a chest that has a semi-long respawn timer. Slay your enemies and seize the riches!

All PvP daily quests now reward event currencies and fireforged bags.

Additional Information:

Important! Be sure to update your patch-9 either by using our launcher or manually replacing it with the patch from here. Without the latest patch you cannot use the mount / see the special effect on the new event trinkets.

The event will last 2 weeks, starting on 26.07 at 20:00 Server Time and ending on 09.08 at 20:00 Server Time

Take care that this event includes a minimum amount of quests. Most of the information about it you will need to get from speaking with NPCs / exploring the world / asking other players. Staff will not guide you on most parts of it unless there is an issue.

The stronger versions of event tabards will be available with the second phase of the event.

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